Album Reviews – It’s Only Now That I Know


Back Seat Mafia


‘’An album full of honest emotion, depth and warming musical textures, ‘It’s Only Now That I Know’ is a masterclass in reflecting hard-hitting lyricism with at times upbeat soundscapes to create music with depth and appeal beyond it’s emotional lyrical content. ‘’


Music Crowns

‘’Overall, the album is a standout piece of work that showcases his quality. “It’s Only Now That I Know” is an emotional rollercoaster and we can’t wait for you to hear it.’’


Obscure Sounds

‘’It’s Only Now That I Know is a memorable collection of emotively powerful song writing.’’


Vents Magazine

‘’It’s Only Now That I Know is an album that has multiple dimensions. Some tracks such as “Tonight” and “It’s Only Now That I Know” are infectiously penned. Drums thud through the mix, reverberating energy around the single. Pianos and guitars are intricately penned, merging together with swirling melodies that creates a vibrant melting pot, whilst on top infectiously penned vocals are laid down. Tracks such as “It’s Alright” provide vulnerable moments to the album. Stripped back, with a mix of piano and guitar lines being played gently, giving space for his raw vocals. ‘’



‘’Overall, this a strong statement from the British talent, who puts himself on the map as a very talented songwriter.’’





‘’Matt is an experienced musician, so it’s not wonder why he can craft a well-flowing album that aims to invoke a whole host of different emotions. Some tracks take the form of infectious bangers – thrashing drums, raw vocals and guitars that help melt everything together. Other tracks take the form of acoustic, vulnerable moments. ‘’


Plastic Mag

‘’Featuring eight new songs from Matt Saxton, his latest album is a graceful collection of beautifully crafted modern folk music that’s full of emotion and captivating melodic writing. Throughout It’s Only Now That I Know, the artist shares his trademark classic folk style with touches of synth-based instrumentation and drum loops on some of the songs.’’


Here Comes the Flood

‘’English musician Matt Saxton has mastered the art of storytelling on his new album It’s Only Now That I Know, a collection of brutally honest songs about his troubles…’’