New single It’s Alright is out now
Also available to download

New single Tonight is out now


Single It’s Only Now That I Know is out now

Also available to download

Produced and recorded by Matt and Ville Leppanen at The Animal Farm Studios


Single Animal is out now.

Also available to download.

Produced and recorded by Matt and Ville Leppanen at The Animal Farm Studios.

Backing vocals by Daisy Saxton.

Cover art photo by Ellie Saxton.

Great album review by Dancing About Architecture here:

I Wasn’t Looking For Love –  Matt Saxton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Produced and recorded by the very talented Matt and Ville Leppanen at The Animal Farm.
Sublime backing vocals from Kelly Burke.
Cover art photo by Jake Saxton and design by Adrian Self.

A video for Where Are You Now.

Directed, shot and edited by the very talented Jake Parker.
Grade by Marty McMullan at Rushes.

Matt’s new album I Wasn’t Looking For Love is now out on Spotify


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Also available to download.

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A video for Greeneland

Matt’s single  Greeneland  is released today on The Animal Farm record label. A song inspired by the English writer Graham Greene’s life and work. Greene is Matt’s favourite author and the song fell into place after he read Norman Sherry’s three part biography; “A life full of religion, love, sex, deceit, espionage, drinking and of course art seemed an interesting idea for a song!”

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Greeneland was recorded and Produced by Ville and Matt Leppanen at their London studio

Matt Saxton – Vocals, acoustic guitar and piano
Ville Leppanen – Bass and electric guitar
Matt Leppanen – Drums and pump organ
Kelly Burke – Backing vocals

Also special thanks to Brendan Amphlett who sketched the lovely picture of Greene for the single at work.

Matt is half way through recording an album with Ville and Matt to be released on The Animal Farm in 2016.

Matt’s acoustic guitar song Seabird is on the Google Holiday Doodle 2014.

It is a lovely animated film created by the extremely talented Matt Cruickshank.

Seabird is available to download on:

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Let It Go

Available to download from iTunes is my Let It Go album and acoustic guitar music from The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead.


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Music from the Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead.


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Let It Go is Matt Saxton’s new album. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Billy Traxler at Breakfast Recording Studios Battersea, London. Piano, keyboards and slide guitar were recorded by Mat Newcomb at his studio in Putney, London UK.

Matt Saxton sings and plays piano, keyboard, acoustic/electric guitar and drums. James Traxler plays bass and Mat Newcomb plays slide guitar on “You Don’t Resist”.


Matt says of the album:


“I kept the instrumentation fairly simple and not overblown like my favourite Neil Young and Leonard Cohen  albums. Although I recorded most of the instruments separately myself, I wanted to create the feel of a live band who have been playing together for years.”


“I also wanted to make an honest and emotionally engaging album. Some songs are about my family and the crazy days of the past like “River”. While others have been inspired by characters from books I love; Rose Tramain’s The Colour for “Golden Time” and John Updike’s Rabbit series for “Passing Through”.


You can hear some of the songs from the album streaming on the Music page. You can also preview and buy the album from iTunes.